The application and registration procedure
There are two different ways to apply for the kibbutz volunteer program:

1) To contact your local kibbutz representative and register through their office

The registration at the kibbutz representatives in your country may be somewhat more costly, but it is the only way to register and be guarantied a kibbutz placement directly upon arrival in Israel. The kibbutz Representatives worldwide help the volunteers to prearrange all the paperwork (i.e. medical and registration forms) and the volunteers are fully prepared when they arrive in Israel and can go directly to the kibbutz. The Kibbutz Representatives also arrange for groups of volunteers to go together to the kibbutz, and can arrange a specifically requested kibbutz ahead of the volunteer's arrival. In order to find your local kibbutz representatives please look in our list of kibbutz representatives

2) To register directly through the Kibbutz Program Center

For direct registration you need to contact the Kibbutz Program Center either by E-Mail or by fax 972(0) 3 523 9966. Your message needs to include your name, passport number and nationality, date of birth and date of arrival. In addition, you need to write a little about yourself your profession and/or occupation. At the Kibbutz Program Center, we then know when to expect you. However, upon arrival (especially in the busy seasons) there is no guaranty that you will be placed on a kibbutz immediately upon arrival. You might have to wait a few days in a hostel for a free place in a kibbutz. When choosing to register directly at the Kibbutz Program Center, it is important to realize that priority is given to the pre-registered volunteers arriving from one of the kibbutz representatives. Having said this, we wish to stress that the Kibbutz Program Center takes pride in pleasing all their kibbutz volunteer applicants and no suitable volunteers are never rejected placements in a kibbutz.

Upon arriving in Israel, you need to go to the Kibbutz Program Center at 18 Frishman St (on the corner of Ben Yehuda St.) Tel Aviv in order to register and receive a kibbutz placement.

when going to the office you need to bring and/or to pay for the following:

  1. Your passport
  2. A medical certificate stating that you are physically and mentally healthy
  3. The KPC registration fee
  4. Our especially designed kibbutz volunteers health insurance. This insurance covers all possible aspects of emergency health care that a volunteer might need whilst working in a kibbutz or anywhere else in Israel under the supervision of the kibbutz. The insurance is valid as long as the volunteers are on the kibbutz (up to one year), and covers all kinds of emergency medicine i.e. ambulance, emergency room, hospitalization etc.
  5. A return ticket
  6. At least 250 US$. We do not take this from you. We simply need to know that you have some money
The KPC does not charge extra for transferring from one kibbutz to another (if there are available places) and the registration fee is valid for one year. Volunteers that pay their registration in the office, receive a free Kibbutz Volunteer t-shirt.