Kibbutz Program
The application and registration procedure

There are two different ways to apply for the kibbutz volunteer program:

1) To contact your local kibbutz representative and register through their office

The registration at the kibbutz representatives in your country may be somewhat more costly, but The Kibbutz Representatives help you to prearrange all the paperwork and receive all the needed information about the Kibbutz and the program in your language. You can always address them with any question.  The Kibbutz Representatives also arrange for groups of volunteers to go together to the kibbutz, and can arrange a specifically requested kibbutz ahead of the volunteer's arrival. In order to find your local kibbutz representatives please look in our
list of kibbutz representatives

For the following countries it is mandatory, according to the interior office requirements, to apply only through representatives: South Korea, South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Taiwan, India.

If you don't have a representative in your country, you can register directly, through our website as indicated in Paragraph 2.

2) To register directly through our website 

For direct registration you need to fill the Registration Form
 in our website.

Please note that the placement in the Kibbutz is subject to the vacancies in the Kibbutzim at the time of your arrival to our office in Tel Aviv. We are doing our outmost for an immediate placement but cannot promise or guarantee it. You might have to wait a few days in a hostel for placement in the kibbutz.

Upon arriving in Israel, you need to go to the Kibbutz Program Center at 13 Leonardo da Vinci Str. Tel Aviv in order to register and receive a kibbutz placement. 

After the registration in our office and placing you in a Kibbutz, you receive a free Kibbutz Volunteer t-shirt.