Kibbutz Program

Life on a Kibbutz Project


The program


Life On a Kibbutz is an educational program experience of 35 days, which focuses on getting to know and experience life on a Kibbutz and Israeli society, as never before.


The program is intended for ages 25-60




Hebrew Studies:  Twice a week, 6 hours a week

Volunteer work: 12  hours a week

Class: “Jewish People at the 21st Century”, 2 hours a week

Class: “Israel Today”,  2 hours a week

Class: “Middle east Geopolitics”, 2 hours a week

Class: “Kibbutz History”, 2 hours a week

Workshop: “Ecological Arts- Recycling”, 4 hours a week

Three days each week are dedicated to involvement in Israeli society and various communities




Ten days on trips to the holy places and to beautiful sites and landscapes in Israel.


South - Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, Metzada,  Eilat.


North - Caesarea, Nazareth, Haifa, Sea of Galilee,  Hermon.


Centre : Tel-Aviv- Yaffo  and Jerusalem.



Start: 15th July 2010

End: 19th  August 2010


Price: US$ 3000