Kibbutz Program
The Volunteer Program



Our kibbutzim are happy to accept you as volunteers provided that:

1.  You have registered in advance- filled out the registration and medical form at least one month in advance
2.  There are available places at the time of arrival
3.  You come for a MINIMUM of two months and a MAXIMUM of SIX MONTHS
4.  You are between the ages of 18 and 35 years
5.  You are in good mental and physical health
6.  You speak a reasonable level of English

On a kibbutz, you will work eight hours a day, six days a week, and have three extra days off per month. You must be prepared to do any kind of work assigned to you by your manager. The work may be in agriculture, industry, tourism or kibbutz services. The kibbutz is a close-knit unit with self-supporting services; a large percentage of the volunteers work in these service areas. The choice of jobs available depends on the kibbutz, the season, the volunteer’s skills and the length of his/her stay.

The kibbutz provides rooms (two to three people per room). Main meals are eaten in the communal dining room; however, in some kibbutzim, volunteers are provided with a small kitchen, cooking facilities, and groceries to prepare food for themselves.  Laundry service is provided and volunteers also receive monthly pocket money.
The kibbutz movement does not cover travelling expenses nor accept children/ expectant mothers.

After you register, we apply for your volunteer's visa through the Ministry of Interior and pay for it in advance. Volunteers usually enter Israel as tourists. Afterwards, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Interior, they must change their legal status (through our office) to a volunteer’s visa within two weeks of their arrival in Israel.  The visa is valid for three months and costs 110 NIS (New Israeli Shekels- the currency of Israel which is generally 4 NIS to $1). You may apply for an extension of your volunteer visa for an additional period of three months and the fee is 200 NIS.

You may apply for an extension of your volunteer visa for an additional period of three months and the fee is 200 NIS. The renewal of the visa is subject to the decision of the volunteer coordinator. His decision is based on the behavior and performance of the volunteer during his stay in the Kibbutz.

Upon arrival in Israel, come to our office at the address below to register for placement on a kibbutz. Please bring with you:

1.    Your Passport

2.    Our medical certificate

3.    Our declaration certificate

4.    110 NIS  for the visa procedures

5.  440 NIS for arranging our especially designed kibbutz volunteer Health Insurance policy

6.    450 NIS for the registration fee

7.  400 NIS deposit required by the Kibbutz

8.    A Return ticket

9.    At least 800 NIS (We don’t take this from you. We just want to know that you have some funds.)


The placement is in the same Kibbutz during the whole period of volunteering not subject to the duration of volunteering.


In addition, please photocopy the main page of your passport (which shows your picture and citizenship details) and bring it along with you. Also, you must bring our medical certificate which has been completely filled out, signed and stamped by your family doctor, showing that you are both physically and mentally fit. You will be required to purchase our health insurance for a fee of 440 NIS. The insurance is valid for three months and you can extend it for another three months with an additional payment of 100 NIS  per month.  Our health insurance is especially designed for the volunteer program, covering all kinds of emergencies, i.e.:  need for medicine, hospitalization, ambulatory services, emergency room, etc.


Re-entry visa
If you wish to leave Israel and return, within a month, you should apply through the KPC office in Israel for a re-entry visa before leaving Israel, subject to the volunteer leader's approval, at least two weeks in advance. The cost of the re-entry visa is 100 NIS and is a must even if you are not planning to volunteer when you return to Israel (but to travel, or return to your country). Even if the departure from Israel is for several hours only – without the re-entry visa, you will not be permitted to enter back in Israel.


Our office is open from Sunday to Thursday, 8:30 – 14:30.
We look forward to meeting you soon!
Aya Sagi and staff, Kibbutz Program Center