The Israeli experience
The Israeli experience is a three-month program combining volunteer life on a kibbutz with language studies (Hebrew or English) and lectures on cultural, historical and political aspects of The State of Israel. The Israeli experience offers a quality program of four days kibbutz work and two days language studies every week in groups of 12-20 people to each program.

The Israeli Experience targets to expose its participants to the Israeli society through five different elements:

Lectures that will be held twice a week in the evening on subjects such as Israeli history, the different religions in Israel, Israeli culture and the political situation
Tours that are mainly half-day tours with a guide visiting historical and cultural sites in Israel and at least one two-day tour.
Language Studies in either Basic Hebrew or conversational English.
Absorption The participants are invited to take part in the social activities of the kibbutz such as the festivities for occasions like Jewish Holy days, weddings and Independence Day' s celebrations. Furthermore, the younger and the older generation of the kibbutz welcomes the volunteers in their home, and invites them to experience and partake in the daily life of the extraordinary kibbutz community.
Kibbutz Work side by side with the Israeli kibbutz population.

The language Studies (Hebrew or English) will take place 5 hours per day two days per week (10 hours weekly). The days of the Hebrew studies are entirely devoted to studies and homework.

The work in the kibbutz is divided into the following categories: agriculture, tourism, the services of the kibbutz and wherever the kibbutz needs work power. It is important to stress that although the specific wishes of the volunteers are taken into serious consideration, it is the availability of the different workplaces that determines where the volunteers work. The participants on The Israeli Experience work eight hours per day four days a week (32 hours weekly) as volunteers in the kibbutz.

Conditions: the volunteers receive free accommodation in the kibbutz, 3 meals a day, free laundry service in the kibbutz's common launderette and a monthly allowance. The participants do not work on Saturdays in the kibbutz, as this is the Israeli national day of rest - the Shabbat. In addition to Saturdays, the participants receive another two days off each month. The kibbutz pub is available to the participants in the Israeli Experience as well as the gym, the tennis courts, the basket ball/ football courts and the swimming pool (in the summer).

Responsibilities: The KPC urges all the participants in their program to insure all their valuables against theft. The kibbutz is only responsible for the valuables that are deposited in the kibbutz safe.

Health insurance: The participants on The Israeli Experience are requested to purchase The KPC especially designed kibbutz volunteers health insurance. The insurance is valid as long as the volunteers are on the kibbutz (up to one year), and covers all kinds of emergency medicine.

Registration: The registration takes place in Israel in the KPC offices in Tel Aviv, but you must book a space in advance to be able to assure your place on the program that you wish to attend. When you come to the KPC to conclude registration you must bring with you the following:

1. The KPC confirmation of your reservation for a space in the program (this will be faxed or emailed to you in advance)
2. Medical forms signed by your physician - please notice that the KPC can accept only participants that are healthy both mentally and physically
3. The 300 US$ (or equivalent in Shekels) registration fee

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