Popular questions and answers from kibbutz volunteers
When I arrive in Israel, what do I do?

If you arrive as a volunteer in a pre arranged group from a Kibbutz Representative abroad, the kibbutz will arrange your transport from the airport to the kibbutz. If you arrive as an individual volunteer, you need to go to the KPC office at 18 Frishman St (on the corner of Ben Yehuda St), in order to receive kibbutz placement. The Kibbutz Program Center is open from Sunday through Thursday from 08.00 to 14.00 and here the volunteers complete their registration.

How do I get to the office?

From the airport take bus 222 to Tel Aviv. The bus costs 15 shekels. Get of at Hayarkon ST (opposite Dan Hotel) and ask for Frishman St. If you arrive in the early morning wait in the airport for the first bus (04.00, 05.00, 6.00 etc) and come directly to the office. If you arrive in the afternoon or in the weekends (Friday and Saturday), you will have to spend the night in Tel Aviv. Take the same bus to Tel Aviv and book into a hostel. Then come to our office the following morning or Sunday morning. Remember that the Israeli weekend is Friday and Saturday and that Sunday is a regular weekday with regular office hours.

Can you recommend a nice hostel?

  • Dizengoff Square Hostel
    11 Dizengoff Square
    TEL: 03 5225184
    FAX: 03 5225181

  • The Hostel
    48 Hayarkon St
    TEL: 03 5168989
    FAX: 03 5103113

  • No 1 Hostel
    84 Ben Yehuda St
    TEL: 03 5237807
    FAX: 03 5237419
In the summer, we recommend to book in advance.

How long will it take for me to receive a kibbutz placement?

Almost all volunteers come to the office with their luggage and go straight on to the kibbutz after their registration here. Sometimes in the high season, a small part of the volunteers have to wait in the hostels a few days until there is an available kibbutz for them. Volunteers who have been pre registered (from either a Kibbutz Representative or directly through the office) receive first priority to the available kibbutzes.

Can I know which kibbutz I will go to before I leave my country for Israel?

When you come to the office we interview you and in accordance with available kibbutzes and the requirements of the work branches that are available, we offer you a few kibbutzes to volunteer on.

Can I choose my work?

This is a question of available work places and of which season you wish to arrive in. The volunteers work in all the different work branches in the kibbutz.

Will I have E-Mail on the kibbutz?

In a few kibbutzes the volunteers have access to E-Mail. However if not, you can sometimes find a kibbutz member who will let you use his/her private computer. All kibbutzes have faxes and public telephones.

How do I get a volunteer visa?

You enter the country as a tourist. After you arrive at the kibbutz, the kibbutz applies to the Ministry of Interior for volunteer's visa on your behalf. If you come from a country where you need a visa to be a tourist in Israel, you must settle this with the Israeli Embassy in your country.

How do I get from you to the kibbutz?

After having decided together with you on which kibbutz you will go to, we will explain you thoroughly how to get to the kibbutz via public transportation.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at kpc@volunteer.co.il