Kibbutz Program
The conditions for the volunteer
In each kibbutz, a volunteer leader is assigned to the volunteers. The volunteer leader is the volunteer's contact person in the kibbutz. The volunteer leader is in charge of the volunteers in the kibbutz and any request or problem that the volunteers might have they can turn to the volunteer leader. The first day in the kibbutz the volunteer leader meets with the newly arrived volunteers explaining them the daily routines and rules in the kibbutz. The volunteers are taken on a short tour around the kibbutz and the different work branches are explained to them.

The volunteers live in rooms with between 2 to 4 people in each room (depending on the kibbutz and the season). Six days a week the volunteers work 7-8 hours a day in the kibbutz. Each month the volunteers are given three free days. Together with the volunteer leader, the volunteers decide when to "use" the free days. The work is dependent on the availability and the need of the kibbutz, but if possible, the volunteer leader is always willing to try to satisfy the individual requests of the volunteers.

The volunteers receive three meals a day in the kibbutz. Every day around noon, the kibbutz population as well as the volunteers are served a hot lunch in the common dinning room. In some kibbutzes the common dinning room serves only lunch. In this case, the volunteers are provided with a small kitchen with cooking facilities and groceries to cook breakfast and dinner for themselves. The volunteers then cook and eat together. The volunteers are free to enjoy the laundry in the kibbutz.

 KPC recommends that in addition to the one day tour per month for the volunteers, there will be a two or three days tour once every three months.The volunteers are free to use the sports facilities of the kibbutz and the swimming pool. In most kibbutzes, a pub and even a disco is arranged for the volunteers and the younger population.



The health insurance which the volunteer is required  to purchase by us  is especially designed for the volunteer program, covering all kinds of emergencies, i.e.: need for medicine, hospitalization, ambulatory services, emergency room, etc. For any situation that demands health treatment the volunteers can approach the kibbutz's Clinique.

An amount of approximately 400 NIS is given to the volunteers every month as pocket money. Upon arrival, the volunteers are asked to leave a deposit in the kibbutz (between 300 to 400 NIS) as security against the kibbutz's belongings that the volunteers use during their stay and against situations in which the volunteer does not inform the volunteer coordinator, at least two weeks in advance, regarding the date of departure from the Kibbutz.