Kibbutz Program


Dear Friends Shalom,

To celebrate the first hundred years of the Kibbutz in Israel, we invite all who have volunteered on a Kibbutz to join our "Contact Net". This way, we will be able to update you regarding upcoming events, reunions and trips being planned to take place in Israel and other countries to discuss the Kibbutz then and now.


To register to our "Contact Net," please click on the following "Adding button," fill in your details in the form that appears, and press the "Apply & Close" button at the end of the form when complete.


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To sort out and identify any volunteer that is listed in our "Contact Net," please click on the following "Sorting out button". You can conduct your search using the name of the volunteer, email address, name of the Kibbutz, year of volunteering, or country of birth. 


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Thank you, in advance, for your registration! We look forward to maintaining contact with you.




Yours Sincerely,

Aya Sagi

Director, The Kibbutz Program Center (KPC) and Staff


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