Worldwide reunion for former and current volunteers - 18 June 2011
Kibbutz Program

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Photo: David Einav

Worldwide reunion for former and current volunteers

To celebrate the first hundred years of the Kibbutz in Israel, we invite all who have volunteered on a Kibbutz to join in our worldwide reunion.

Over its 45 years of existence, 350,000 volunteers from all over the world have taken part in this unique experience,  living and working in the Kibbutz environment, sharing and contributing to its cooperative structure and its ideal of equality for all.

In the reunion, you will have the exciting experience of once again being among many people of various nationalities, who will share in the special atmosphere of past days and memories. 

We invite the volunteers that live in Israel and all over the world, with their families; volunteer coordinators; friends and "adopting families", to join this event which will take place on Saturday, the 18th of June 2011, in Kibbutz Tzora, at 20:30.

The event will include food and drinks; a performance and dances.

Entrance is free.

Please avoid coming with young children.

Looking forward to seeing you all-

The KPC staff - Aya Sagi, Bella Nir and Nava Grebler





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