Three Regional Meeting
Kibbutz Program
Three Regional Meeting

Recently, three regional meetings of the current volunteers were held. In April, the volunteers in the Arava met in kibbutz Yahel.


In May, the volunteers in Negev North met in kibbutz Holit.


In June, the northern volunteers met in kibbutz Bar'am.


During those meetings, with the participation of the coordinators of each kibbutz, social activities were conducted, among which were

familiarity games, trivia of Israel, the Kibbutz, the Kibbutz Movement, the region, and a Hebrew language quiz; followed by a barbecue, swim and musical appearance.      


Such meetings allow the participants to get to know the volunteers in the region, listen and tell their experiences, and expand their social interactions and circles. At the same time, they add to their knowledge of Israel and enjoy visiting with another kibbutz.