A World Wide Network of Generations of Volunteers in Israel
Kibbutz Program

A World Wide Network of Generations of Volunteers in Israel


Mr. Aviv Leshem, the Kibbutz Movement's spokesmen


In the event of the Kibbutz 100th anniversary, the Kibbutz Movement has initiated a worldwide network of generations of volunteers in Israel since its beginning.


The majority of the volunteers arrived from England, around 50,000.


The Volunteer Program is one of the initiatives offered for the 100 years of the Kibbutz. The volunteers will be included in a worldwide network of volunteers from all countries of origin which participated in the Volunteer Program since its initiation 43 years ago.   


According to the Kibbutz Movement data, the project of volunteers started with Jewish youngsters who expressed their willingness to support Israel. Some 350,000 volunteers stayed for several months and worked in the hosting kibbutzim. The leading countries of origin were: England - 50,000, South Africa - 30,000, Sweden 25,000, Denmark - 20,000, Germany - 15,000.

Additional 200,000 arrived from other 45 different countries from all over the world. 


It is important to note that out of those volunteers, some 1,250 became full members of the kibbutzim. 


The goal, as announced this week by Mrs. Aya Sagi from Kibbutz Tzor'a – director of the Volunteer Program of the Kibbutz

Movement - is to renew and refresh the contact with the volunteers, who came to Israel from all over the world, experienced the kibbutz, returned to their countries or chose to stay with us in Israel. Through the Contact Network, we shall update the  volunteers about “Shavua Israel” (Israel Week) and “Shavua Kibbutz” (Kibbutz Week) – a series of events to take place in November in various European countries. 


The registration in the Contact Network is through our

Website:   www.kibbutz.org.il/volunteers


The dissemination of this initiative will be done through the Internet, the Face-book Social Network, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' representatives all over the world, Jewish organizations and students’ organizations. The registration includes name and family name, country of origin of the volunteer, the year he/she volunteered, the name of the hosting kibbutz, the work he/she did, current address, e-mail and telephone numbers where he/she can be reached.