Kibbutz Program


Two years later, we're meeting up once again in Carlos Andres' corner in honor of his memory.


The 15th of January 2008 was a traumatic year for all Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha;  a day that Carlos paid a very heavy price for the Israeli existence.


Here in the Gaza surrounds we have been feeling and dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a daily basis.


Carlos, as on each day, went out to work our land, as the kibbutz members have done for the past 60 years.

A youngster of 20 years old, just wanted to enjoy a kibbutz experience and

his charm, obvious happiness and special smile conquered everybody.


His only crime was to go out to the fields;  a young volunteer from Ecuador, neither Jewish nor Israeli.


And as such, the reality of life here hits us all again – just the other day, yet again, we experienced the color red alert.


We cannot forget and we must remind the world of the young, smiling guy, the dreamer, who believed in a better world without wars…  Carlos Andres Moscera Chavez.


May his memory be blessed!


Adi the volunteers cordinator