The Progressive Kibbutz as a cooperative community
   The Progressive Kibbutz as a cooperative community;

…And just to be clear: the name "kibbutz" will not be changed to "cooperative community" due to the fact that "kibbutz" reflects veteran tradition of values and substance that are well worthy to be kept, Thus,  whilst operate as "cooperative community" should be preserved along side with the implementation of principles as follow[1]:

1.    Membership in the kibbutz is voluntary- To whom who declares and accepts the obligation and commitment that outcomes this unique partnership, as stated by the kibbutz members. Membership has to be voted by the kibbutz members in order for a person[2] to become a member.

2.    Membership is a condition to a permanent residence within the Kibbutz defined zone.

3.    The value of a joining share for a kibbutz (that operates as a cooperative community) for each member is equal and untradeable. Thus, each member owns one share only.

4.     The democratic management of the Kibbutz is based on the cooperative principle: "one member equals one vote" which applies to all fields of life, e.g.: economical, social.

5.     A fare attitude is taking place between work contribution of a member and the value the member gets in return, in a kibbutz that operates as a cooperative community.

6.    The capital of the cooperative community is being created by the work value and contribution of the members. Others are joined as work force if needed.


The profits of a Kibbutz that operates as a cooperative community appointed to the following goals:

1.    Developing the Kibbutz as a successful business.

2.    According to the democratic decisions of the kibbutz members and its institutes, developing the Kibbutz as a community of members that provides services in all fields of life: economics, health, education, culture, welfare and quality of the environment.

3.    Equal distribution of profits to members, if and when decided.

4.    Other goals which are decided democratically by the members.

Mutual guarantee is a basic principle for a kibbutz that operates as a cooperative community. Part of this principle is an economical and defined "safety net" that is being stretched out to any member whom is in a need for help due to a legitimate reason which was agreed by the Kibbutz institutes. 

This obligation is a part of a internal taxation system that is based on a unified community taxes as well as progressive- income dependent taxation (based on classification that was agreed by the members).


A kibbutz as a cooperative community should collaborate with other cooperative Kibbutzim and aspire to promote the status of its members, alongside with the status of the Kibbutz movement and the cooperative movement.

*Written by Amikam Osem, Afikim

[1] International treaty of cooperatives, 1995  Also as a reflection of the decisions of the

[2] "member" refers to both: woman & man