150 Kibbutz Enterprises participate in programs of the Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist of the Economics Ministry, Avi Hasson and members of his staff, were guests of the Kibbutz Industries Association and visited a number of kibbutz enterprises in the Galilee: Huliot, Sde Nehemia, Plasan, Sasa and Cafaro, Kadarim.

The impressive developments of kibbutz industrial enterprises were presented during the tour, achieved in part, thanks to the support of the Chief Scientist.

The Head of technology at the Kibbutz Industries Association, Nehemiah Hen, stated during the tour that the number of kibbutz enterprises that participated in R & D programs supported by the Chief Scientist jumped from less than 10 plants in 2006 to nearly 150 enterprises today. Nearly all significant kibbutz enterprises participated in at least one R & D program.

Paul Steiner, CEO of ' Huliot', stressed the large contribution and support of the Chief Scientist for the development of new products. He stated that the R & D program is the most important and most significant of all government support programs.

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Ophir Avslander

"Ronnie Hasid - Spokesperson and Public Relations "