Which changes Jewish and Arab communities need to go through so ideas of cooperation will come into being?

      Which changes Jewish and Arab communities need to go through so ideas of cooperation will come into being?

Under the Shared Communities program we initiated a study day for the council teams focusing the issue of "Women in the Community".


The study day was planned by the head of the well fare departments of the two local councils; Sharon Shamai, Sara Eylon and Atidal Masrawa together with the Givat Haviva Shared Communities team.


The study day opened with greetings by all the organizers of the day.

After the greetings we heard a lecture by Dr. Dalit Samhai on "Women in Israel, in- equality, opportunities and solidarity between women"

Dr. Samhai addressed women characteristics in general and the differences coming from culture and religion. She mentioned that the in-equality between women in Israel does not exist only between Jewish and Arab women but also between other sectors in Israeli society and between center and periphery in Israel. The governments solutions until today are limited and not fulfilling their goal (such as free education from age 3 and establishing day cares in working places).

In conclusion she offered that toward improving the women status in the Israeli society there need to be in consideration of the different needs in the different sectors in Israeli society.


In the end of the lecture we screened the film:"Les Source Des Femmes"; a story in a small village in north Africa where a village is centered on a battle of the sexes, where women threaten to withhold sexual favors if their men refuse to fetch water from a remote well.


After the film we divided into small discussion groups and discussed central issues concerning "women in the community":

1. factors that encourage change with woman:

-       continuing to high education

-       support from the family and the close surrounding

-       self a steam

-       Leadership and economic independence.


2. factors who delay changes with women:

-       lack of support

-       insecure

-       fear from the manly society

-       poor economic means


3. What should be done to create social change?

-       social intervenes to arouse the problem

-       long process of publicity and social conciseness change

-       leadership and believe in the cause

-       willing to pay a price

-       to know how to get close to sources of power and inspiration


4. What are the common interests between women from different sectors?

-       to learn from each other

-       -to overcome fears from the other sector

-       To promote woman issues in the communities through a common task.

In the end of the study day we arose new ideas for cooperation:
  • Establishing a forum of school principles.
  • Create a cooperation between parents committees
  • Develop a long term processes to get to know each other between the departments of Pardes-Hana/Karkur and Kfar Kara
  • Initiate a project that brings women closer in the economic and social aspects.
  • Get support from governmental offices to these shared projects.
  • Create forums where women can talk about their challenges, fears and position in their communities.
  • Initiate a hiking group.