All the latest news - March 2012
Kibbutz Program

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We in the Kibbutz Volunteers Program Center want to update you on some of our current and upcoming events and activities

Reunion Trip for former volunteers in July 2012

We’d really hate to see you miss the fun filled reunion trip this coming July. The first reunion trip was so successful, we just had to organize another one. Allow yourself to walk down memory lane as you reunite with family and make new friends. During 8 days/ 7 nights, you will go back to the kibbutz, visit special sites, revive those aromatic smells and special tastes, and enjoy many exciting Israeli attractions. The itinerary is suitable for all ages, including children.

To learn more and to register, please visit

Oh, of course you can bring along your friends or members of your family, just let them know about it too!

Not convinced yet? Read Elly Haaksema's inspiring words of her experience of the June 2011's reunion.

82 years old to 19 years old- group photo

Back in October 2010 I stumbled upon an item in the Dutch newspaper: “a reunion trip in Israel, to celebrate 100 years for the kibbutzim”.

Immediately I thought about the great opportunity to go back to that beautiful country. After all, I was a volunteer in 1989 till April 1990 in kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud ( near Netanya and Hadera).

I made the right decision. We had fun all the time. The trip started on Sunday at mount Carmel, where we had dinner and we got to know each other, all 55 of us. We didn’t know each before, but it turned out to be so nice. We all had something special in common- we were all volunteers a long time ago, and we all shared our love for Israel.

During the next days we got to visit so many amazing landmarks all over Israel: Caesarea, kibbutz Ein Shemer, kibbutz Degania, Masada, the Dead sea, a Bedouin camp, and of course- Jerusalem.

Up until today, we all kept in touch with one another, as well as pay visits. I was the only one from Holland, but I made good friends with Ilona, my trip roommate from Germany. We didn’t know each before, but it turned out to be so nice. We already managed to see each other a few times, and remember the good time we had in Israel together.

Guess what? I decided to go back for a short visit soon, I simply can not wait too long.

I strongly recommend, if you’re willing to hear: If the KPC arranges another reunion trip for volunteers in the future, choose to enjoy, choose to make new friends, choose to join the trip, it is worth it.

Regards from Elly Haaksema, Holland

Ilona and Elly, keeping in touch


Agriculture intern from Panama, Fredy Elías Delgado Govea, student of Zamorano University, Honduras, to share his impressions as a volunteer in Israel

Remember our January post[b] about the happy volunteers from Central America?

Fredy, who volunteers in Neot Smadar, sent us an email, and we’re sharing:

“Hi Anat, Roni, Arturo, and the folks in charge of the volunteers in Neot Smadar, including the Nava and Bella of the KPC in Tel Aviv. Greetings !

I am so grateful, and want to express my thanks, for hosting me in this beautiful place.

It makes me happy to know that I will stay here until April 20th, although I wish I could stay longer, and spend more time working and dealing with water and it’s resources. It is an important issue, and I can’t wait to bring all the knowledge that I have acquired, back to Panama and to the University of Zamorano.

I sent an article about my experience here to my university, and it will also be published in the Panama national newspaper.

Just think: I am representing the whole country of Panama in Neot Smadar, Israel.

When not working or learning, I spend my time in the kibbutz writing reports as well as entries in my diary. I am also working on my graduation project. Always multi-tasking.

My love extends to everyone, as they are all so friendly. Thank you very much for everything.

Fredy Elías Delgado Govea”

Fredy is happy to learn about the water reservoir in the Negev
The ecological cooling tower in Kibbutz Neot Smadar
hmmm, organic olives from Neot Smadar
and more food, organic Bulgarian cheese
fresh from Colombian sun to the Israeli sun

From South America: we say “Hola” to our amigos from Colombia.

Fifteen volunteers from Colombia have landed in Israel, and were accommodated and well received in four kibbutzim: Grofit, Yotvata, Eilot, all of which are in southern Israel, and in Ein Hashofet, in the hills of Menashe, not far from Haifa

A taste of Korean culture in Kibbutz Revivim

There is a legend that Bruce Lee could catch rice grains with chopsticks. It will remain unknown, but we did learn about a Korean game, where one has to try and bounce a colorful rug ball with the legs. Sounds easy, eh? not so much for those who tried it lately, in Kibbutz Revivim.

As a token of their gratitude, six students from South Korea, organized an unforgettable Korean evening to their hosts and friends, basically the whole of Kibbutz Revivim, where they spend time volunteering.

The evening included a traditional Korean dance along with classical Korean costumes, a demo of the century-old tradition of Taekwondo- an ancient martial art, trivia questions with prizes, Korean songs, mime performance, and of course- not to be missed- typical Korean dishes (as in food!!).

Korean cultural evening coordinators with the kibbutz coordinators

Needless to say, the evening was a great success, and the smiley Korean group got enthusiastic applauds and appreciation


Till next time,

Aya Sagi
Director, Kibbutz Program Center