Kibbutz Program

The ceremony for Carlos Andres Mosquera Chavez was held in Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha on the 19th of January 2011.


In the ceremony participated the members of the Kibbutz and the volunteers from Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha and the Kibbutzim in the area.
After the ceremony there was a gathering in the Kibbutz's club. There we saw a presentation of Carlos while he was a volunteer in the Kibbutz.; We heard a lecture from the  security person that presented at the time Carlos was shot and watched a short film that was taken after his death. 


Members of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, volunteers and friends,

Three years ago Carlos Andres Mosquera Chaves, a young volunteer from Ecuador decided to help and contribute by working in a Kibbutz. He wanted to be part of a community with communal values; he wanted to meet other people from all over the world – just like you.

Carlos was shot by a Palestinian sniper while he was working in the field.

A loss of a person is the most tragic and painful feeling humans can feel. Unfortunately, the state of Israel has a lot of experience in that matter. Still Israel is here, the Kibbutz is here and the volunteers are here.

In the Gaza strip there are 4 Kibbutzim that absorb volunteers:  Ein Hashlosha with 16 volunteers; Holit – 7; Reim – 4 and Nir Oz  - 3. all together – 30 volunteers.

The Kibbutzim in Israel were built by a handful of people. With determination, will power and faith these Kibbutzim have existed and are flourishing until these days.

Your contribution to the Kibbutz in this area in particularly and to Israel in general is not obvious and is important to us. You are not just an essential man power but a colorful and cheerful company to the social life of the Kibbutz.

Thank you for participating as volunteers in the Kibbutzim and for participating in this ceremony. This participation is a modest and unique way to stay with Carlos's memory and with the family's pain.


Let him rest in peace.