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I wish to update you regarding changes and recent developments in the Volunteers Program, as well as asking for your cooperation.


The Kibbutz Movement is Celebrating its 100th Anniversary

This year we are celebrating 100 years of the establishment of the first kibbutz – Kibbutz Deganya, located next to the Lake of Galilee.

Following the celebrations held by the Kibbutz Movement, we at the Volunteers Program offer a series of festive events.


  • In our website, we are installing a comprehensive contact list of all the volunteers from the entire world, spanning 43 years. The link to this contact list is: To carry out this mission, we need your help to spread the word amongst the volunteers you have contact with. If you could fill in the details of some of your volunteers, please do so.
  • During the autumn of 2010 we shall organize a Kibbutz Festival in some of the European countries.  It is our wish that the volunteers will attend this festival and enjoy the musical shows, the art exhibitions, the dancing and theater plays, the movies and lectures dealing with the Kibbutz then and now. The updated contact list will allow us to invite the volunteers in person, to refresh their memory with the experience of the Kibbutz. 
  •  In 2011 we intend to organize a one week excursion throughout Israel for interested volunteers. During this excursion, the volunteers will visit their kibbutz, travel and tour old and new sites, and conclude with a regional happening in one of the kibbutzim.


We hope that this way we would meet second and third generation of volunteers. We ask all of them to register in our contact list, and invite couples, children, grandchildren, relatives and friends to join the activities and partake of a unique group of people that were part of a meaningful experience in their life.   



 Three Regional Meetings

Recently, three regional meetings of the current volunteers were held. In April, the volunteers in the Arava met in kibbutz Yahel.

In May, the volunteers in Negev North met in kibbutz Holit.

In June, the northern volunteers met in kibbutz Bar'am.

During those meetings, with the participation of the coordinators of each kibbutz, social activities were conducted, among which were

familiarity games, trivia of Israel, the Kibbutz, the Kibbutz Movement, the region, and a Hebrew language quiz; followed by a barbecue, swim and musical appearance.      

Such meetings allow the participants to get to know the volunteers in the region, listen and tell their experiences, and expand their social interactions and circles. At the same time, they add to their knowledge of Israel and enjoy visiting with another kibbutz.


The First Seminar of Familiarity with Israel

In the end of June, the first seminar for volunteers to get familiarize with Israel took place in Giv'at Haviva, for two day. The participants were  involved in presentations and workshops, dealing with pioneering and the Kibbutz; multiculturalism and absorption; the Holocaust; Arabs and Jews living together; Israel today.

Also, they enjoyed two excursions in the region, as well as evening social activities including Israeli folk dances. 


Six New Kibbutzim

We are glad to announce that six more kibbutzim are joining the Volunteers Program. They are: Almog, in northern Dead Sea;

Re'im, Kfar Aza and Holit in the Gaza Area; Elrom, in the Golan

Heights;  Elifaz, in the Arava near Eilat.

The need for additional kibbutzim emanate from the growing demand for the Program, and due to the ongoing number of the volunteers' inflow.  


Volunteering in Moshav Ein Yahav in the Arava

An additional option for volunteers is the Moshav. As of July, the volunteers will opt either for a kibbutz or moshav Ein Yahav in the Arava. This is an agricultural based settlement. The volunteers will

be hosted by a moshav family, work mainly in agriculture (indoor packing houses) and provided with similar conditions to the kibbutz: lodging, food. PC and Internet, social club. swimming pool, participating in the moshav's cultural activities, as well as monthly excursions.


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Volunteers for Welfare Services

Recently, we received requests from a few kibbutzim to send volunteers to work with the welfare of older persons in their places.

If you know of such volunteers, having training and experience in the areas of welfare and medicine, and are interested to work in these areas, please write to us under a separate e-mail or indicate so in their forms.


Ulpan Program

I wish to remind you our Ulpan Program, to study Hebrew for a month or two in a Kibbutz Ulpan. Details can be found in our site under "Israeli Experience".

The age range of the Ulpan Program is 20-70 olds. 18-35 olds can stay after the Ulpan and volunteer for a minimum period of two months.

In special cases, it applies also to those who are above 35 years of age.



Wishing you well,



Aya Sagi

Director, Kibbutz Volunteers Program Center

The Kibbutz Movement