The book - A Visitor Guide to Warsaw

The book        A Visitor Guide to Warsaw

The author      Alex Dancyg & Batia Dvir


The purpose of this guidebook is to assist visitors on their visit to Warsaw, where Polish and Jewish histories are interwoven. It emphasizes various aspects of Warsaw’s Jewish history, including the tragic end of Polish Jewry.


The city of Warsaw is central to the history of at least two peoples: the Poles and the Jews. For the Poles, it is their capital city, the most significant cultural centre in Poland today and it also played a major role in the history of the Jews living on Polish soil.


Today, Warsaw is a large and vibrant city. This guide focuses on the Old Town, which even today, historically, politically and culturally, is still the heart of the city. In this Guide, Warsaw's Jewish history is presented with special emphasis on the Jewish ghetto during the Holocaust.


The book includes maps, diagrams, photographs and drawings, and special map of Jewish Warsaw.


Price: 60 NIS