News Highlights September 2009


The First 100 years

Next year will be the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the first kibbutz in Israel.

Several events and activities will be held throughout Israel to celebrate this very important milestone.

The celebrations will bring esteem to the more than 250 kibbutzim spread out throughout Israel.


Regional Cooperation

A group of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents recently opened an exhibition of cartoons, where people can express their sorrow through art.

Cartoonists from around the world were invited to show their works depicting various conflicts. Many artists accepted the invitation to present their works and only Iranian artists decided not to exhibit in Israel, as they feared reprisals from their government.

The bereaved parents group known as "The Parents Circle" consists of approximately 500 Israeli and Palestinian families, who have lost at least one family member due to the conflict.



If the children can't get the education then the education will come to them. That is exactly what the Ofanim organization does, it brings the classroom to the children.

Old buses have been converted into classrooms and these buses travel to the more remote areas in the south and north of Israel.

The Traveling classrooms stop for about one and a half hours at each location and provide lessons in Science, Art, Computers and Creative Thinking.

The Ofanim project is supported by some prominent educationalists in Israel and also receives support from persons in overseas countries.

Children are granted a four year course and each child can receive tuition in at least one subject per year. The organizers hope to enroll at least 1,500 pupils during the 2009/2010 school year.

In a joint project with The Technion an additional bus has been added to the fleet. This bus is fitted with a Robotics laboratory.

The Ofanim organization was recently granted the Ministry of Welfare's Excellence Award.


Kibbutz Industries

The existing infrastructure of several kibbutz industries has been targeted as a suitable platform for improving technology in the plastics, packaging and water related industries.

The project is a joint effort between the Kibbutz industries Association and The Technion and includes the research and development division of IBM.

After a year of preparation the project is expected to start producing the first products for use in the world of tomorrow.

The cooperation is expected to make a major contribution to innovation in several kibbutz industries.

Another development has been the conversion of solar energy into electricity. This is largely concentrated in Kibbutzim and Moshavim in The Negev and is being expanded with the assistance of the international giant Siemens.


Water Recycling

A water recycling project started at the Kibbutz Kefar Blum primary school has now been expanded to the capturing of rain water which will be used to flush toilets.

Families of the children have been introduced to the project and it is hoped that this exposure to the recycling of water project will influence many while using water in their daily lives.

A donation for the project was received from the family of a researcher of water recycling in the USA. 


Until 120

The traditional Israeli birthday greeting – until 120 – is taken seriously at one kibbutz.

What is the formula for long life at Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek?

A third member of the kibbutz has just celebrated her 100th birthday and joins two other residents aged 103 and 101.

The manageress of the old age home proudly stated that all the residents of the old age home, 15 women and 4 men are members of the kibbutz.

The three women aged 100 plus take part in many activities and the latest member of the 100 plus club will exhibit her work at her birthday celebrations.


Gold Medal

Galil Mountain Wines received a gold medal for one of its wines at the recent international wine competition in Germany.

Wine growers from 35 countries participated in the competition.

Galil Mountain Wines is a partnership involving a few kibbutzim and the mountainous terrain in the extreme north of Israel provides ideal climatic conditions for growing the grapes for high class wines.


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