News Highlights – June 2009

The new Israeli government is about to complete 100 days in power and the world is looking towards a new round of Middle East negotiations.

Much controversy surrounded the results of the elections in Iran as the incumbent President was returned to power with a large majority. The resulting protests in the streets of major Iranian cities was seen by some as a possible start of a new revolution, as the population vented their anger and expressed disappointment at the results. The reality is that all major candidates in the Iranian elections were right wing and it would make little difference who is in power. Iran is not about to change its direction as the religious leaders try and settle their differences.

The world has also been preoccupied with the defiance of the North Korean Communist regime, which has launched several missiles during the past month. In the wake of this action world leaders have called for calm.

Onlookers breathed a sigh of relief as the results of the Lebanese election were announced and a relatively moderate coalition was declared the victor.

Some other notable news items involving Israel and the kibbutzim are as follows:

Immigrant Absorption

One of the objectives of the Maccabi games is to offer potential immigrants the opportunity to experience Israel, while at the same time competing at a prestigious sporting event.

Throughout the history of the Maccabi games some competitors have opted to make Aliyah and emigrate to Israel and some to kibbutzim.

Sports contingents from approximately 60 countries will soon arrive in Israel for the Maccabi games. Israeli sportsmen and sportswomen will have the opportunity to test their performances against some top athletes from other countries. Some of the sporting events will be held on kibbutzim.

The Summer Holidays

Israel is experiencing the positive effects of the start of the summer holidays as large numbers of tourists and local holiday makers converge on hotels, beaches, shopping centers and partake in a host of entertainment activities.

The waves of holiday makers will reach their peak during July and August as schools close for the long summer holiday.

Tourists will spend valuable foreign currency and together with local holiday makers, they will help to turn the engines of the economy.

Young Administrators

Kibbutz Gvulot in the Negev has embarked on a program of the changing of the old guard by introducing young administrators.

The new head of the community is only 28 years old and the new general manager of the local industrial enterprise is just 34.

Officials of the kibbutz explained that the program was necessary to attract young members to the kibbutz and especially provide opportunities for young people, so that they don't necessarily leave the kibbutz for greener pastures.

Youth at Times of Emergency

The Shaar Hanegev local council that borders Gaza has decided to include youth in their emergency teams in times of war.

The idea behind the program is that the youth will be preoccupied with their important tasks rather than worrying about the actual emergency. The program will also contribute to the moral of the youth as they are given important responsibilities.

Land Reform

The Kibbutz Movement has expressed its absolute rejection of the new government reforms, whereby the government intends to offer large tracts of public land for auction to land developers. The General Secretary of the movement stated that such moves will undermine the objectives of the country and damage the national interest.

The Kibbutz Movement objects very strongly to the fact that large tracts of public land will be controlled by private individuals as the government pushes for further privatization in the country.


Israel will play Russia for a place in the semi finals of The Davis Cup. If Israel manages to cause a major upset and defeat Russia, it will be the first time that Israel has reached the semi finals of such a prestigious sporting event.

Several other important sporting events will take place in July. The height of the July sporting calendar will undoubtedly be the staging of the Macabbi games.


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