Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hashomer Hatzair Brazil iniciates demonstrations against visit of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  in Brazil


Press Release:

The Jewish-Zionist-Socialist Movement Hashomer Hatzair in Brasil  leads  not violent demonstrations against the visit of the President of Iran to Brazil.

The members of the movement quotes the 4th chapter of the Brasilian Constitution regarding the the management of Brazil's diplomatic relations based on the following parameters.

1) National  Independence
2) Ensuring human rights
3) Respect for self-determination of peoples
4) Political Neutrality
5) Equality between states
6) Protection of peace
7) Non-violent solution of Conflicts
8) Condemnation of terrorism and racism
9) Cooperation between nations in favor of peace.
10) Granting political asylum

The youth movement remains  the fact that the two wanted fugitives for the attack on community building in Buenos Aires (AMIA) served as government advisors of Iranian Regime.

The demonstrations will take place at Monday May 4 at  Itamaraty Palace in the historic center of the Rio, and its follows the  Protest actions in solidarity with the Jewish community in Venezuela and towards a change in Venezuelan's attitude against the State of Israel that the movements carries in 11 Cities in Europe and North and South America.

Sao Paulo has not yet determined location of the demonstration.

Additional information:
Jayme Fucsbar - Secretary-general of HH World Movement
972- 507677948

Dario Teitelbaum
Hashomer Hatzair Spokesman

972 - 505371459