The kibbutz program center invites you to spend 3-4 months in kibbutz Yahel, having a post-harvest experience, with desert agriculture, and the unique beauty and tranquility of the Arava desert in Southern Israel.


The harvest of melons, pomelos, peppers and spring onions, takes place between September and December.

We would like for you to share with us the uniqueness of Israeli agriculture that has turned the Desert into a true oasis.


Young people from all over the world gather at Kibbutz Yahel from the end of August, living and working together during the post-harvest experience.

In exchange for your work in the post-harvest experience, Kibbutz Yahel offers you:

·         Living quarters

·         Standard Kibbutz Movement volunteer financial reimbursement.

·         Swimming pool (in season)

·         Tennis courts

·         Football field and basketball court.

·         Pub

·         Participation in all social events that are arranged for the members.

·         Overnight sleep-outs with guided walks in the desert.

·         Half an hour commute to Eilat City with snorkeling and water sports.

·         Anyone who stays with us for a full 3 months, will receive a handsome financial bonus


If you are interested, for registration contact

Kibbutz Program Center

Dep. Of the Kibbutz Volunteer Movement

18 Frishman St., Tel-Aviv

Tel: 972-3-5278874

Fax: 972-3-5239966