The Kibbutz Movement - Facts and figures - 2004
Avraham Pavin
Yad Tabenkin - Research and Documentation Center of the Kibbutz Movement
This is a yearly publication based on the data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (C.B.S.) of the State of Israel, the information departments of the Kibbutz Movement and other Kibbutz Movement or related institutions, such as the Association of Kibbutz Industries and the Agricultural Center.
There is no uniformity in the definitions by the various institutions. The C.B.S. considers kibbutzim as “localities” only if their populations fulfill certain conditions and if they were accorded the formal status of a locality by a specific legal process. Some of the young kibbutzim have not received this status and they are recognized merely as “locations” or "places". Thus there is a difference between the number of kibbutzim documented by the C.B.S. and the number appearing in the lists of the Movement.
Moreover, according to the C.B.S. definition, the population includes all the residents living in the locality for at least one year and who have no other address. The C.B.S. data do not differentiate between various types of residents, such as members as opposed to other residents (connected to the “association” on different levels). The difference is not merely a technical one of definition; it relates to different situations: The Movement’s data relate only to kibbutz members and their families, while the C.B.S. data reflect the whole community living in the locality; that is why we publish these data separately.
The booklet comprises regular sections dealing with the population, education, work and occupations, industry, agriculture, data from the movements and the development of changes on kibbutz. In addition to these sections, every year we add a certain feature dealing with a specific aspect of the kibbutz. This year the additional section deals with the report of the public committee concerning the kibbutz (The “Ben Rafael Committee”).

Here we present the list of contents, the abstract, and some tables from each section as an example. The complete Hebrew text is available from: Yad Tabenkin, Post Ramat Efal, 52960, Israel.
The Kibbutz Movement - Facts and figures - 2004 (complete)
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